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October 2023

I was really pleased to be asked by ITV if they could use some of my footage of British beavers on the "Love your weekend with Alan Titchmarsh" show, Series 5 Episode 26.

Not only that but they went on to ask for some of my Kingfisher footage that they also showed 2 weeks later on Series 5 Episode 28.

No money unfortunately but good to see some of my work being shown on mainstream TV.

Fame without the fortune!

One of my beaver clips from the River Otter in South Devon.

September - October 2023

More Naturetrek tour leading, this time out at sea aboard AK Wildlife Cruises "Spirit of our seas" from Falmouth.

I led 4 x 7 hour trips with skipper Captain Keith out into deep water on the outskirts of Falmouth Bay and west towards Lizard point via the Manacles rocks.

Naturetrek are offering these tours in 2024, I've provided the link below.

Naturetrek Falmouth Pelagic Day trip.

Here are a few photos from the trips.

Portuguese Man 0'war
Common Dolphin
Oceanic Sunfish
Great Shearwaters


September 2023

I was asked to lead an 8 day tour on the Isles of Scilly for Naturetrek tours this autumn.

"An 8-day birdwatching holiday to the relaxing and beautiful Isles of Scilly"

A fantastic week on the islands with a great group of people.

We visited all the inhabited off-islands, St.Agnes, St.Martins, Tresco & Bryher and explored all around St.Mary's all at a leisurely pace.

We also took in wildlife trips out to the Eastern Isles, the Western Rocks & the Bishop's Rock lighthouse which at the time was the roosting place of the "mega rare" Red-footed Booby!

Here are just a few photos from the tour, my trip report that is featured on the Naturetrek website and also a link to the Naturetrek website should you fancy joining in 2024.

September 2023 tour report.

Red Squirrel at Tresco
Grey Seals on the Eastern Isles
Red-footed Booby on Bishop's Rock
Bishop's Rock Lighthouse


13th August 2023

Rare bird of prey breeds at Cornwall reserve

  • Published 2 days ago

Marsh harrier flying

Image source, Adrian Langdon, A charity says it is the first breeding record of marsh harriers for North Cornwall

A rare bird of prey has bred at a reserve in Cornwall.

Cornwall Birds (CBWPS) confirmed a pair of marsh harriers had raised three young birds at Walmsley Sanctuary reserve.

The charity said it was the first breeding record of the species for north Cornwall.

CBWPS said it withheld records from visitors during the summer months "in a bid to minimise disturbance" whilst they settled and nested.

Image source, Adrian Langdon, The marsh harrier is a rare bird of prey

BBC News website link about our Marsh Harriers


Cornwall Birds (CBWPS) Facebook page.

Great news - Marsh Harriers have successfully bred at Cornwall Birds (CBWPS) flag ship reserve Walmsley! Cornwall Birds (CBWPS) are delighted to announce that a pair of Marsh Harriers have successfully bred on our Walmsley Sanctuary reserve; raising three young which fledged this weekend. There are very few breeding records of this species in the county, and this is the first in North Cornwall. It is a sure sign that the careful habitat management carried out by reserve warden, Adrian Langdon, his dedicated team of volunteers and our partners at Cornwall Wildlife Trust are paying off and we would like to thank them for all of their hard work. We would also like to thank our members and Walmsley visitors for their understanding whilst we withheld records of these marvellous raptors during the summer months in a bid to minimise disturbance and other negative factors whilst they settled and nested. It is greatly appreciated! If you would like to visit the reserve to watch the Marsh Harriers, please do so from our tower hide. They are sure to do some wonderfully close fly-bys and will be free from disturbance from here.


Feb 2023
Nov 2022
June 2022

Cornwall - Beavers, Choughs & Cetaceans

A 5-day holiday sampling the very best Cornish wildlife from both land and sea, including a day learning about, and hopefully viewing, Beavers!

I was asked to lead this Naturetrek Tours 5 day tour based in Falmouth and was delighted to do it and meet lots of like-minded people.

We ticked off all the headline acts and added quite a few of our own as well!

Jan 2022

Front cover on the 2022 Cornwall Wildlife Trust calendar

Photo by Jasmina Goodair


Another front cover on the 2020 Cornwall Wildlife Trust calendar


Part of the judging team at the South Devon Salon of International Photography 2019.


Pleased to be part of the "Nature" judging panel at the Bristol International Salon of Photography with Gianpiero Ferrari & Austin Thomas


Pleased to see my Kingfisher image on the front cover of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust calendar

Date News

From the BBC Cornwall website today, 2 of my dolphin images used in the Wildlife Trusts Information Campaign.

BBC England selected Regions Cornwall

Dolphins 'harassed' Cornwall Wildlife Trust says

Whales, dolphins and porpoises visit the coast

Dolphins and other marine life are being "repeatedly harassed" off the Cornwall coast, conservationists said.

More than ten reports of "marine wildlife disturbance" were made to Cornwall Wildlife Trust's hotline in the past week, with many in St Ives.

Incidents included bottlenose dolphins being chased by wildlife day trip boats, possibly with their young.

Boat trip companies said they always act responsibly towards the mammals, which "in fact love to chase boats".

The trust said intentionally or recklessly harassing any of these species is illegal and can result in distress, serious injuries, amputations or death due to a propeller strike.

Boats are advised to stay at least 328ft (100m) away from dolphins and switch their engines into neutral if they approach them

Marine conservation officer Abby Crosby said there had also been reports of seals being flushed from their rocks into the sea by kayakers.

"We are lucky enough to get 17 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises as well as basking sharks and turtles visiting the South West.

"The last thing we want to do is to drive these beautiful animals away from our coast and their feeding grounds," she said.

John Paul Bassett, from Tiger Lilly Sea Safaris in St Ives, said all boat trip operators in the area have the "dolphins' safety at heart," and believes some people are wrongly reporting harassment.

"These people who say the day trips are chasing the dolphins obviously haven't got a clue. The dolphins hear the boats and come to the boats and chase the wake," he said.

He added that they always keep a safe distance but "dolphins like playing and interacting with humans".

He said he had seen couple of individual private speedboats that were "not savvy to what the dolphins are doing. It's not that they're trapping them though".

The trust and British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) said they are appealing to all water users to familiarise themselves with marine wildlife codes of conduct .


My six favourite things

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: December 24, 2014

Adrian Langdon

Adrian Langdon

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ADRIAN Langdon, a wildlife and sports photographer and retired BT engineer, lives in Wadebridge, and shares the six things most dear to him.

"I retired last year after 43 years with British Telecom mostly spent as a technical officer working on maintenance of the local telephone exchanges and while I miss all the camaraderie of a great bunch of workmates I'm really enjoying retirement," he explained.

First on his list of favourite things is a local river.

"I count the River Camel that runs through Wadebridge as one of my favourite things as it has always played an important role in my life and I love spending time outdoors, especially on its riverbanks," he said.

"I was born in the Polmorla valley on the outskirts of Wadebridge and could see the Polmorla stream from our window that feeds into the River Camel by the town bridge and I've felt its water over me on more than one occasion.

"Our next house, at Egloshayle, backed onto the river enabling me to go fishing over the garden wall and subsequent moves within the town have always given me views of the Camel from our windows.

"In fact I reckon that I've got my feet wet on virtually every stretch of the river from its source on the moors to the point it joins the North Atlantic off Padstow.

"I now give illustrated talks on the wildlife and landscape of the River Camel from source to sea, and am hoping to get some of this work published in the near future."

Next on Adrian's list is a kayak he bought to celebrate his 60th birthday so he could spend more time on the river.

"I love just drifting along with the tide and keeping a camera ready for any birds or animals I spot from my water level viewpoint."

Third on his list are photography and his cameras.

"Photography is another major obsession for me. It has gone way past a hobby and my passion for particular aspects of it such as photographing birds, animals, travel and sport, have taken me all over the world in pursuit of images.

"I've been a member of the Wadebridge and District Camera Club for almost 40 years and am the chairman of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photographic Group. I'm also the voluntary warden of the Walmsley Bird sanctuary for the Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society and love spending time on the Amble marshes armed with binoculars and cameras.

"I'm also often found with my cameras on the touchlines of local football or rugby pitches and sometimes on the boundary of Wadebridge Cricket Club taking photos for the sport pages of the Cornish Guardian."

Another of his favourite items is his passport, representing his travelling.

"We travelled a great deal when our children were small and we particularly love the National Parks of North America and Canada," said Adrian.

"We've always rented a motorhome in these fabulous places so that we can spend more time out in the wilds and love nothing better than sitting round a campfire watching the sun go down in the Rocky Mountains.

"My family have always been supportive of my whims to go to places 'off the beaten track' and many of these places have strong memories for us, so my favourites must include our passports and a family photo taken after we all hiked to the bottom of Bryce Canyon in Utah USA."

A family photo is one of Adrian's most treasured possessions.

"The picture is particularly special as it is one of the few we have that has the whole family together, (I'm usually behind the camera).

"It shows my wife Linda, sons Arran and Calvin, and our lovely daughter Alaina who was so tragically taken from us when she was just 15 years old.

"It is times like that when we value our time spent as a family group and I have many fond memories of us all sat together on the side of the Grand Canyon waiting for the sunset or clambering across a glacier in the Canadian Rockies."

Last but not least is Adrian's laptop and the internet.

"I've included my laptop in the photo as it is representative of all the online devices I use, desktop PC, phone, netbook etc. The internet has certainly changed the world and I've tried to keep pace with the technology and use it to show my photos online and to keep in touch with friends around the world.

"I usually check my e-mails and read the BBC news when having my breakfast and one morning I was having a real time conversation with a friend in Finland about the nesting of the great grey owl that he was photographing and there was I eating my toast in Cornwall quite surreal."

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3rd Aug 2014
Proud to have been one of the Nature selectors at the

The South Devon Salon 2014

May 15th 2013
27th April 2013

International Federation of Wildlife Photography

33rd International Congress. Poland 2013.

Awarded 2nd place in the "Mammals" section of the annual competition for "Brown bears sparring".

Myself with IFWP President Laurence Didion (right) and Dorota Kycia ZPFP Poland (left).

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Northcott.

April 2013

Outdoor Photography magazine Winner!!!


Feb 2013

Garden Birds Presentation

20 February ·

Taken at Carclaze WI Hall, St Austell.

Here are the Photos from the presentation given Wednesday 20/2/13 afternoon by Adrian Langdon on Garden Birds, their habitat, feeding and nest boxes. There were fifteen people altogether and Poltair Residents' Association will be paying for nest boxes to be made for people who ordered them and advice will be given as to the best location in the residents' gardens. Two of the boxes will be installed in Lostwood Community Garden. The photograph competition was judged by Adrian Langdon, who is a volunteer with Cornwall Wildlife Trust, with support from Terry Cooper, who is a volunteer with the British Trust for Ornithology. We would like to thank Adrian for such an interesting and informative talk. Other events will be forthcoming such as an Easter Egg Hunt in Lostwood Community Garden and a presentation on Garden Wildlife. This is all funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Further information on the photography competition; First prize went to Rachael Yeo for a photo of a robin, she also won second prize for a photo of a heron. Pic ? 5 shows her receiving the prizes from Andrea Lanxon & pic ? 6 shows Adrian Langdon presenting her with the certificates. Third prize went to Kathryn Hill for her photo of a woodpecker and Mandy Ray Thompson received the award of Highly Commended for her photo of a pheasant. The other photos show those who stayed behind to see the judging gathered around the display of the photos.

Nov 2012
June 2012

International Federation of Wildlife Photography

Annual competition Kuhmo Finland June 2012.

My photo of the Musk Oxen in the snow took 3rd place in the "Mammals" section.

To see all of the results please click here....

3rd Dec2011

3rd Dec 2011
18th Oct 2011


15th Oct 2011
23rd Sept 2011
31st Aug 2011

I have had 3 images accepted at the 4th International Salon of Digital Photography Narava 2011 in Slovenia.

The results below show that the only rejected image was in fact the only one accepted by the Royal Photographic Society this year!



25th Aug 2011

The Royal Photographic Society's 2011 International Projected Image Exhibition.

"Stalking Heron" was accepted

5th Aug 2011

Header photo of Black Tailed Godwits at Walmsley used in Birdwatch magazine page 18 to accompany article by Derek Julian about the Camel Estuary.

click here to view the full page

25th May 2011

Inquisitive pupils: Tales from the riverbank

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cornish Guardian


AN EXPERT on the River Camel has wowed children at Wadebridge CP School with his wildlife knowledge.

The Year 6 pupils were asked questions such as 'What has black-tipped, long ears like a rabbit?' by Wadebridge naturalist and photographer Adrian Langdon.

  1. ?  Wadebridge CP School pupils Jack, Lucy, Fergal,  Ewan, Isaac, Bryn and Hannah, with Adrian Langdon, show off their pictures.

    Wadebridge CP School pupils Jack, Lucy, Fergal, Ewan, Isaac, Bryn and Hannah, with Adrian Langdon, show off their pictures.

Teacher Jeremy Northcott said: "They have been learning about rivers and the River Camel in particular, and so were naturally intrigued to find out more about the wildlife that can be seen around the areas the river runs.


"Adrian, who is an associate of the Royal Photographic Society, the warden of Walmsley Sanctuary and leader of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust's photographic group, kept the children spellbound with his illustrated tales from the riverbank.

"In fact, almost all that could be heard were the spontaneous 'oohs' and 'aahs' that accompanied images ranging from herring gull chicks to dolphins, basking sharks to otters and puffins to peregrine falcons.

"Once question time was complete, all that remained was for a handful of proud artists to pose for a photo with their newly-created river pictures and their knowledgeable friend from the riverside.

"Oh, and by the way, of course, like the children, I'm sure you knew that a hare has black-tipped long ears like a rabbit."


6th May New blog launched using my old website address of
Apr 2011

3 photographs published to illustrate an article on Arctic Peregrines in Birding World.

click here to view full page

Mar 2011

A photograph of Arctic Peregrine published in Birdwatch magazine.

click here to view full page


Mar 2011

Front cover of Cornwall Wildlife Trusts magazine with Grey Heron stalking in the reeds.

Mar 2011 Awarded a Gold medal for image of Great crested Grebes at the PAGB GB Nature cup competition held in Dumfries Scotland.
Mar 2011
Mar 2011 Talk given at Rock Sailing Club raised £577 toward Cancer relief.
Feb 2011
Nov 2010

Newquay Wildlife interpretation boards at Towan Headland and Narrowcliffs. Wildlife images donated by myself.

Photo by Newquay Voice.


Mar 2010
4th Feb 2010

Police should stop treating photographers as terrorists

365 of Britain's most eminent photographers write to Telegraph to ask for a change in anti-terrorist legislation. (including me!).

To view Daily Telegraph article please click here.


6th Dec 2009 Exhibition at Lostwithiel library with Peter Bland and John Evans-Jones ...until 4th Jan 2010. Extended until end of February!! For library opening times please click here.
1st Sep 2009

Featured in a 5 page article about Walmsley sanctuary in latest Cornwall Today magazine.



13th Dec 08 Full page article and photos published in The Times Sport pages... click to view or read the pdf file of the page here
28th Nov 08 Article and photo published in The Rugby for pdf copy
21st Nov 08 Article and photo published in The Rugby for pdf copy
1st Sept 08

Exhibition at Lostwithiel Library with John Evans-Jones, Peter and Caroline Bland until 26th September.For opening times please see the library website by clicking here....

Aug 2008
This website takes over from my "images-naturally" site.
July 2008
"Cornwall from the coast path" book launched.



"Exploring the Camel estuary" is now available from good bookshops or online at:-

Alison Hodge Publishers or


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