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My name is Adrian Langdon and I was born in Wadebridge, Cornwall in the UK. where I have lived all my life.

I am a proud Cornishman and much of my photography reflects my love of the County.

I am fortunate to live in an area of great natural beauty, with many distinct and differing habitats on my doorstep. The North Atlantic coast is only 5 miles away with its steep cliffs and sandy beaches. To the North-East lies Bodmin Moor with its high tors and moorland flora & fauna. In between these areas lie the river valley and estuary of the River Camel which runs off the high moor to the sea at Padstow. Many of my bird pictures have been taken along the Camel .

I was awarded an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society in 1997 (ARPS), and a Distinction with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (DPAGB) in 2002.

I am also an active member of the Wadebridge & District Camera Club & the Chairman of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photographic Group. This group is now the English representative at the International Federation of Wildlfe Photography (IFWP) and I now find myself involved in that federation and as a group we have attended the annual congresses at Texel in Holland, Bex in Switzerland, and Jessininki mountains in the Czech Republic.

I am a volunteer warden of the Walmsley Bird Sanctuary on the Amble marshes near Wadebridge which is owned by the Cornwall Birdwatching & Preservation Society, and a committee member of the Camel branch of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

I have been fortunate to travel a lot in the past few years both with my wife Linda , our family, sons Arran & Calvin, and our dear daughter Alaina who sadly died at the tender age of 15.

Much of my serious wildlife photography has been done whilst travelling with good friend Dave Thomas. It was whilst Dave and I were in Scotland visiting Bass Rock that we met a group of Dutch photographers who were in the Natuur in Beeld photo club back in Holland.

We went on to become good friends with these "crazy Dutchmen" and I have since travelled widely with Hans van de Griendt.

We have visited, The Gambia twice, India twice, Costa Rica, Norway, Iceland, Poland and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA.

Many of the following photos were taken by Hans showing me photographing wildlife in some amazing places in the world.




Selfie in my kayak on the Camel estuary



Rescuing an injured Buzzard on the Amble marshes.

Photo by Jasmina Goodair



Lying flat out in the mud to get photos of Blue-headed wagtails at Chapel Amble. April 2021

Photo by Colin Selway



Our annual trek up onto Bodmin Moor in search of Whinchats, June 2021.

Dave Conway, myself, Derek Spooner & Dave Thomas.

Photo by Steve Rowe


Loving being on Bass Rock, Scotland again after a few years absence. June 2019

Photo by Adrian Davey


A "selfie" amongst the Atlantic Puffins on Fidra island, Scotland.


Whilst I'll never see 40 again it was good to drag this helium balloon from the sea before a whale or dolphin swallowed it. Oct. 2019.

Photo by Sue Sayer.


Wadebridge & District Camera Club at a Charity Quiz evening in Wadebridge Town Hall. March 2019.

Myself, Stewart Privett, Delia Trathen, Brian Galbraith, Jane Pickles & Penry Archer.


Wadebridge & District Camera Club outing to Plymouth March 2018.


Posing with BBC presenter Nick Baker for BBC TV's "Inside Out" programme about our Walmsley reserve and theAmble marshes Jan 2018.



Brothers: Andrew, Martin & myself Adrian.

Photo by Stewart Privett.


With my brothers, Andrew & Martin. Christmas 2017.



Team CWTPG at the IFWP congress in Spain in September 2017.

L to R:- Dave Thomas, Iain Stewart, Delai Trathen, Jose Benito Ruiz, myself, Hilary Mayes, Adrian "Dibs" Davey & Vicente Ferri.



Cornwall Seal Group survey out of Padstow harbour.



At the Delicate Arch viewpoint in Arches National Park in Utah, USA. June 2017.



25th Feb 2017 speaking at the BTO / CBWPS / University of Exeter "Above & Beyond the Cornish Coast conference at the Penryn campus.

photo by Dave Thomas


25th Feb 2017 speakers at the BTO / CBWPS / University of Exeter "Above & Beyond the Cornish Coast conference at the Penryn campus.

L to R:- Pete Rock, Yours truly, Greg Conway, Mark Grantham & Derek Spooner.

photo by Dave Thomas


With Iain Stewart in the High Tatras in Slovakia.

Photo by Jeremy Northcott


Team CWTPG at the IFWP congress in the High Tatras in Slovakia.

L to R:- Adrian "Dibs" Davey, Yours truly, Iain Stewart, Dave Thomas, Delia Trathen & Jeremy Northcott.

Photo by Jeremy Northcott


After lying down in an ants nest in a flower meadow in Slovakia in June 2016.

Photo by Delia Trathen


Luton airport on my way to Poprad-Tatry in Slovakia.

Photo by Jeremy Northcott


On the Gros Ventre river in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA.



On Roughtor in winter with David Chapman.

Photo by David Chapman.


A selfie for the Cornish Guardian's "My 6 favourite things" editorial.



Lying down on the job in the French Alps.




At the IFWP meeting at Hauteluce in the French Alps with Dave Cooper, Delia Trathen, Dibs Davey, Iain Stewart and Dave Thomas.


Kayaking on the River Camel. August 2014.

Photo by David Chapman


Posing for the camera of Bijay Gurung for a University project! Where did those wrinkles appear from?

Photo by Bijay Gurung


Photographing King Eider in Arctic Norway from a floating hide in Batsfjord harbour.

Photo by Hans Van de Griendt


Photo by Hans Van de Griendt

Out on a RIB in Batsfjord in Arctic Norway photographing sea ducks in flight. March 2014.
Deep in snow in Arctic Norway, March 2014.

Photo by Hans Van de Griendt


Photo by Adele.

Posing amongst the granite rocks of Roche Rock, Cornwall.

Lost in Poland!!

May 2013

Photo by Delia Trathen


Photo by Hans v d Griendt.

Fun in the snow whilst looking for Musk Ox at Dovrefjell, Norway.

Feb 2012.


In the snow near Trondheim in Norway

Feb 2012

Photo by Rijk Meeuwsen



Photo by Hans v d Griendt.

Fun in the snow whilst looking for Musk Ox at Dovrefjell, Norway.

Feb 2012.

A couple of old gits ie. myself and Dave Thomas photographed on our New Years day bird watching walk along the Camel estuary to welcome in 2012.

Photo by Jeremy Northcott


When Linda and I go on holiday we love to eat in the great outdoors.... no matter how cold it gets!

Vancouver island Canada.


Cruising the Kenai fjords in Alaska.


Photo by Linda Langdon


Photo by Linda Langdon

On the shoreline of one of the many Canadian lakes.

At the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall for the Green Heron twitch.

Oct. 2010.

Photo by Dave Thomas.


Photo by Delia Trathen.

Crashed out in Czech Republic ....before the brewery visit!!



At the border from Czech Republic to Poland.

Sept. 2010

Photo by Delia Trathen.


Photo by Delia Trathen.

At the border from Poland to Czech Republic.

Sept. 2010


On Bodmin moor in the rain.

July 2010.


Photo by Jeremy Northcott


Photo by Delia Trathen (I think)

Smiling.... a rare event!

My visit to Wadebridge CP School, March 2010, pictured with an extremely mangy stuffed otter.

Photo by Jeremy Northcott


Photo by Jeremy Northcott

My visit to Wadebridge CP School, March 2010.
The Cornwall team at the IFWP congress field trip in Switzerland, at the summit of Vanil Noir. Adrian, Delia, Roy and John.

Photo by Delia Trathen.


Photo by Hans van de Griendt.

Adding scale to the basalt columns near Vik, S.Iceland.
At Loe Bar with friends Jeremy & Delia.


Photo by Delia Trathen.


Photo by Delia Trathen

Photographing waders at Hayle causeway, Cornwall. August 2009.
Clearing ditches at Walmsley, Cornwall 2008.

Photo by Dave Thomas


Photo by Dave Thomas

Up close on Staple island, the Farnes, Northumberland.

Amongst the flowers on Texel island, Holland.

June 2008

Photo by Hans van de Griendt


Photo by Hans van de Griendt

In the ice at Skogarfoss, Iceland March 2009.

Reflecting on 'what might have been' at Loe Bar, Cornwall.

August 2009.

Photo by Delia Trathen


Photo by Hans van de Griendt

Getting a step up to get the shot in Bharatpur, India.
On the beach at Tanji in the Gambia.

Photo by Hans van de Griendt


Photo by Hans van de Griendt

Up close to a hooded vulture in the Gambia.

Dave Thomas and myself relaxing on Handa Island off the West coast of Scotland.

Adrian and Dave on Handa in Scotland

Photo by Hans van de Griendt

Here I am photographing from a suspension bridge strung across a gorge in the Monteverde Cloud forest in Costa Rica, Central America.


Coping with the heavy rain in Parque Nacional Carara. Costa Rica.

Photographing in the rain at Carara.

Photo by Hans van de Griendt


Getting down to some serious photgraphy.

Photo by Dave Thomas

Sometimes you just have to get down to the action. Like here where I was photographing an emerging dragonfly at the Cornwall Wildlife Trusts' shared site with the Cornwall Birds at Windmill Farm on the Lizard, the most southerly point in the UK.


Posing with Bill Oddie at the Walmsley Tower hide

Adrian and Bill Oddie
Adrian with David Bellamy

Receiving a photographic competition award and book from David Bellamy of the Wildlife Trusts.


Myself with good friends Hans and Dave at our hostel on Texel, Northern Holland.

Adrian, Hans and Dave.


Photo by Hans van de Griendt

On Handa island Scotland and knackered!!!!!!
Wearing the shirt that I think is camouflaged but all my friends consider very gaudy!

Photo by Hans van de Griendt


Photo by Hans van de Griendt

Just lacking the "silly old" bit as I prop up the roadside bar in Costa Rica.










Copyright © Adrian Langdon 2008.