"Touring Alaska"

Linda & I rented a 28ft motorhome in Anchorage, Alaska & toured around the state in the last week of August & the first 2 weeks of September 2015.

With trips out into the Kenai fjords from Seward to park visits in Fairbanks we took in the breathless scenery and amazibng wildlife.

The cottonwoods & aspens were all turning golden and the vast vistas of the state were glorious.

The Northern Lights were just starting to show up at Fairbanks and the crowds starting to thin at Denali National Park as many of the campsites readied to close for the winter.

For those with an interest I've also included some photos and details of the Alaskan Oil Pipeline which "love it or hate it" is one of the technological wonders of the modern world.

Incredible colours in the tundra landscape were made more exciting by Moose, Caribou & Bears.

To put the icing on the cake we took a floatplane trip across to watch the Coastal Brown Bears feeding on the salmon at Brooks Falls in the Katmai National Park.

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Bull Moose at Denali