"Wild about Wadebridge".

I was born in Wadebridge at Polmorla in 1953 and it is in a wooded valley next to a local wildlife haven called Coronation Park.

This was a good grounding for my love of nature and it is a place I regularly visit and one that has some great wildlife.

The River Camel flows through the centre of the town of Wadebridge and is still tidal some 5 and a half miles inland from the Atlantic ocean.

My photographs look at the flora, fauna & landscapes around the town and along the riverbanks.

Woodpeckers, nuthatch, treecreepers in the woods give way to swans and waders on the river.

This talk is similar to the Natural History of the River Camel but a bit more localised around the Wadebridge area.

This talk can be done in an hour but is much better if done in 2 parts with part 1 at 3/4 an hour with a break and then part 2 in1/2 hour.


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