Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks trip September 2012.

Bull Elk at Madison


Many people have asked me over the years about taking motorhome holidays in the USA & Canada so this time I've written a trip report so that it may help those itching to give it a try.

Please don't be put off by the distances involved or the fact of “doing it unaccompanied”, these things are part of the adventure!

Here it is from start to finish, places stayed and rentals etc. were how it was for us but it doesn't necessarily mean that we recommend them.

My apologies for the bad grammar and incorrect tenses used in the log but I wrote some as we travelled , some in the evenings and some since getting back.....and I'm an engineer not an author! (Some colleagues also contest that as well!).

I've included some links on the last page to some of the places and businesses mentioned.

So here is the trip report, I hope it may be of help and interest to someone out there.....


Week 1. (15th-21st September 2012).

Week 2. (22nd-28th September 2012).

Week 3. (29th September -7th October 2012).